ARES Consulting
ARES Consulting

ARES sees its business as more than a quality service it's also a mission:

Building Science and Engineering Research - Implementing practical and scientific knowledge to solve building problems, improve materials and methods of construction, and advance new building technologies.

Codes and Standards Consulting - Advancing building codes and standards for tomorrow's construction and design technologies.

Structural Evaluation - Bringing practical and affordable design solutions to reality for new, existing, and historic construction.

Disaster & Damage Assessment (Forensic Engineering) - Using a comprehensive knowledge of building construction, engineering, and state-of-the-art scientific techniques to investigate and diagnose building performance.

Education, Training, and Technical Writing - Developing and presenting creative information that brings understanding to the science and art of building construction, design theory, and regulations.

Expert Witness - Providing credible expert advice and authoritative testimony to aid in the resolution of construction disputes and insurance claims.